• Friday, August 25, 2006

    Another day in Paradise

    Back from collecting the daughter from her school. Her new regime of 8 till 2 days which started on Monday when we got back from the UK is knackering her out. After some discussion with the staff we've decided to make it 8 till 2 three days a week and 8 till 12.30 the other two days. I keep getting reminded that she is only just three years old.

    Being a dad and the parent who looks after the child is probably more difficult than it is for a mum. I've heard mums saying that they are never truly prepared for motherhood. Believe me, try being a dad in the same position. I knew bugger all when I started and people are generally more willing to step in and take over than offer help if you're a dad. Still, got the hang of it all now and we get on just fine. The teachers at her school are even starting to take me seriously now.


    Someone allegedly tried to assassinate the PM. A car packed full of explosives was found near his house. A general has been arrested. Feeling toward him has been splitting the country for months now. Large protests have often come close to violence and now it seems someone if upping the tempo.

    Another Brit has been found dead. This one had the good fortune to have died in an accident whilst white water rafting, rather than being murdered by locals which is becoming more regular. She died some days ago but they've just found her body in the river, stuck under a rock. The number of Brits being killed for money or out of spite is almost into double figures annually but still Britain's FCO seems reluctant to warn people or even mention it, presumably for fear of upsetting the tourist industry.


    Can anyone tell me what this plant is? It grows to seven or eight feet, like a weed, flowers bright orange and has a very prickly stem that is about 1.5" diameter at the base. I'm just about to rip the wretched things from our garden and replace it with a Jasmine like tree. Just wondered what it is as non of the locals seem to have a clue.

    All the best from the 'Land of Smiles'



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