• Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Big is better, or so they say...

    Just before christmas the Siam Paragon department store opened to much fanfare. It was Bangkok's flagship store and billed as the largest in SE Asia. Many a Thai was proud as punch and Bangkok's elite and well-heeled strutted their stuff along the walkways of what is a very grand store.

    Last week saw the opening of the new Central World. Which is now the biggest store in SE Asia. As anyone who has been to Bangkok will know, the last f'ing thing it needs is more retail space. The owners of Siam Paragon must be pissed. They held the 'biggest' title for a matter of months. Maybe they could put in for an extentsion and just nose into the lead. We were heading down to Central World today but got side-tracked by the garden.

    Spent virtually the whole day in the garden digging and ripping things out. I'm trying to make up for the neglect of not being here for nearly two months and also trying to limit the areas where our local snakes can hide. Yes, we have snakes in the garden. Pit vipers and kraits so far. Not kid freindly things really. My back is burn to buggery from not wearing a shirt all day. Got some extra help coming in tomorrow.

    The prickly plant I was asking about has gone. Ripped it out slowly and managed to get several thorns in my hands in the process. Small finger of left hand now swollen and almost static, not to mention very painful. Just hope it wasn't too poisonous.

    Might be going to Vietnam in November. Went earlier on in the year and loved it. Talk of going with a mate at the moment. Have to put that one to the wife soon and test the water.

    Big is better, or so they say...


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