• Monday, May 07, 2007

    English weather, daughter in school and Macau blog competition...

    Weather here has been glorious since we got back, warm, dry and continual sunshine. However, normal English weather has resumed now and the drizzle has returned, along with grey sky and general feeling of depression. Hopefully just a blip.

    The daughter starts her new school tomorrow. She's very excited about it and seemed to take to it well when she spent some time there last week. It's a girls school but they have a few boys for the first few years. She seemed quite happy about going to an all girls school. I wonder if opinion will change in a few years.

    With daughter in school I will have more time to try and start earning money to pay for her education and all the other over-priced expenses that you get in "rip-off Britain". There was an article in the papers last week about how we Brits get charged way higher than our European counterparts and people in the US for services and products. Food came in as the only bonus for living here, food here is considered among the cheapest amongst comparable countries. Things like PS2 and Wii and all those other things I know very little about are about a few hundred pounds more expensive here. I guess when Gordon Brown takes the reins at No.10 we can expect prices to go even higher.

    The ban on smoking in Pubs is coming in soon. I've had mixed feelings about this, reasoning that people should be allowed to make their own choices and maybe the government should try to act less like a nanny. However, on Saturday night I was in a busy pub with crap ventilation and it really was hard to breathe. Even some of the smokers I was with were complaining about the atmosphere. So maybe it's not a bad thing after all.

    I've been contacted by a new blog from Macau, have a look here. They also run this blog competition on the link below.

    English weather, daughter in school and Macau blog competition...


    Blogger Freedom Seeker said...

    Hi there, thanks for your comment on my blog. In today's posting I talk about how it feels and try to provide encouragement to people who have just returned to England after a period of travelling. It'd be great to here if it resonates with how you feel about returning to England. www.escapengland.blospot.com

    Had you thought of putting an email subscription on your blog? I'd like to add your blog to my list of regular reads - and receiving an email in my inbox with each of your posts makes sure I read your writing regularly. You can get the code from feedburner.com

    I'm also really interested in how you feel about education and raising children whilst travelling. Hey - can I add you to my list of potential people to interview?? :-)

    2:51 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yes to all the above. I'll have a look at feedburner.com and try and add email subscription.

    I'll check on your post today and make a comment.


    6:16 am  

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