• Friday, April 27, 2007

    Back in England's green and pleasant land...

    Arrived back in the UK last night. Having travelled several thousand miles by train and bus through foreign lands and not putting a foot wrong we managed to get on the wrong train at Paddington and were nearly in Somerset before I realised. Splendid! We wanted platform eight and we got on the train on platform eight. However, there were two trains on platform eight and we managed to get the wrong one.

    Anyway, managed to get the situation sorted and after several changes we ended up home again. Now got to download all remaining images etc onto the laptop and then make a serious post about it all.

    Back in England's green and pleasant land...


    Anonymous lillian said...

    Great :-)

    6:38 pm  
    Blogger Bart said...

    That was fast! Looking forward to see more pictures!

    Regarding the mistake, not your fault: British trains are a mess, everybody knows that :)

    6:43 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gr8 !! ur back to UK .. how do u feel now .. fresh air..hmm.

    3:44 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yep, nice to be back. No mozzies, no sweating every time I move, no harmful pollution and no one telling me that I can't look at youtube.com.

    Bart: Biggest problem with the British trains is the price, they're too expensive (and slow).

    4:13 am  

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