• Monday, April 23, 2007

    Blogging from ...... Sofia, Bulgaria..

    The overnight bus was torture. The daughter has a small jacket but I'm still, having expected more from the European climate, in tropics issue jeans and t-shirt. To be short the border crossing was ball freezing cold. A nice Bulgarian woman gave me her coat to wrap around the daughter whilst we stood shivering in the cold. The rest of the passengers on the bus were locals except us and they were all suitably prepared wearing half a sheep a piece. Dumb Englishman and his poor daughter!

    Sofia, Sofia, Sofia! I'm tempted to use just a two word description for Sofia (apologies to any Bulgarians reading): f#@%*$@ depressing!! But I won't. That was my first impression. However, things have changed since I discovered that not all the buildings in Sofia have been defaced by mindless graffiti and not all it's inhabitants have been turned to stone by Medusa. Just 80% in both cases.

    Despite my feeling better about the place I still want to leave ASAP as there seems no point in lingering any longer. Off to the train station we go.

    Taxis and food are cheap. There's a chain of restaurants in town called Happy, and it is. Not just because the food is delicious, or because it is excellent value for money, but because they seem to hire stunningly attractive girls as waitresses which really does make the dining experience a Happy one.

    More later when we decide where we can go.

    Blogging from ...... Sofia, Bulgaria..


    Anonymous lillian said...

    Oh Greece is sooo close to Bulgaria !! AND its warmer :-) The salads.. mmm yummy

    7:04 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Funnily enough I had a lovely Greek salad for lunch. We're leaving for Belgrade this evening. Not sure about Belgrade with a three year old so we're probably going to move straight on.

    11:16 pm  

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