• Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Just hours to go now..

    The daughter had her last afternoon of play with her best buddy today, there were tears. They were making lots of arrangements to visit each other, which if were to be carried out as they were reeling them off would probably bankrupt her buddy's parents and me too. And yes, I feel pretty guilty about this sad parting.

    I've got some serious planning to do in a few short hours. Need to firm the route and try to book accommodation online. Have done for Istanbul but still haven't confirmed anything further. Any blogger from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria or France please advise. I'm trying to do the whole trip completely online and without planes (well, after Istanbul anyway). The PDA mobile is slowly filling with various files and details to act like an on the go guide book, batteries are charged but I haven't made a start on packing.

    Watching the third season of 24 last night, the last four hours, and just an hour and a half from the end the DVD had a problem. So having sat through twenty-three and a half hours I don't know what happened. I could fill the page with expletives at this point.

    The Land Rover is still in my hands, so to speak. I'm not going to sell it, much to the annoyance of the wife. The daughter is completely in love with it (she christened it Tindy after we got it) and has begged me to keep it for when we come here on holiday. I wonder if Land Rover know how appealing their vehicles are to three year olds.

    I have a plan. Maybe next year, funds permitting, we'll get it to a garage for a complete makeover. I've had a quote for most of the work and it won't be tooooo much. Alter the bodywork slightly, new diesel engine, new shocks/suspension, better sealing all round, new more efficient air-con and a re-spray and it will look a lot less like a thirty-three year old shed. The daughter and I have this idea of driving it back to England then - something that will surely precipitate a divorce in our house.

    Just hours to go now..


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