• Monday, April 16, 2007

    Kayaking in the park and holiday death count good..

    The novelty of getting soaked and doing the soaking wore off pretty quickly, like an hour or so after it started. Been avoiding the water throwing gangs since then.

    Managed to spend the afternoon in a park yesterday, hired a boat and all that kind of thing. Out on the lake we heard shouting and crying from a boat nearby. There was a mother and three kids, the oldest of which was shouting to us asking for help. He was telling anyone who'd listen that his mother was stupid and couldn't row the kayak.

    That's her, laughing as he throws another insult

    The wife got angry with him for his lack of respect for his mother. The mother just laughed as he insulted her for her incompetence but then he made no effort to do anything to help, except cause a scene. What did I do? Got my camera out and took a few pics of them.

    Time is now running out, the clock is ticking and still I haven't finished packing everything for the shipping guys. I seem to have a thousand and one things to do and just can't seem to get around to doing them.

    I recently discovered 24. It's been on TV back home for some time but I never bothered watching it, even though I'm quite a fan of Kiefer Sutherland. A friend lent me several series on DVD which I'm trying to plough through before I leave. It's addictive viewing. Typically American TV with very similar story lines: world's in trouble, Jack Bauer offers himself as a sacrifice to save the world, his daughter gets kidnapped every five minutes and nobody in the intelligence service and government can ever be trusted. Despite that it's cracking action TV. Just wish I'd bothered to watch it sooner.

    Sun's shining, rains have stopped and it's another scorcher. The holiday period death count now touching 300. Sounds a lot but it looks like the final score will be quite an improvement on previous years.

    Kayaking in the park and holiday death count good..


    Anonymous Sensei said...

    And 24 claimed itself another victim... :D

    I got Season 2 on DVD and a week vanished for no apparent reason.

    8:09 pm  

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