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    Israeli killed at the Full Moon Party, and a Thai cricket team...

    This month's Full Moon Party has got off to a bad start with another tourist murdered by locals, this time an Israeli guy who had flown out specially for the party on Koh Phangan in southern Thailand. The Bangkok Post had this to say:

    Police found the body of David Kakilashvili, 32, dead with eight knife wounds to the chest, arm, face and back and four head wounds at 2 a.m. Sunday at the Drop In bar in Phangan, an island situated 430 kilometres south of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand.

    Witnesses said the Israeli and his friends were drinking at the bar when a fight broke out with five teenagers from the island who stabbed and beat Kakilashvili to death before fleeing the scene.

    "We know who the culprits are and will ask the court to issue a warrants for their arrest today," said Phangan Pol Sub-Lt Likhit Chumchuay.

    "The suspects include the son of a local politician, who has a bad reputation for bothering foreigners," said Likhit in a telephone interview.

    Sadly this was only considered important enough for the inside pages in a very small column in the print edition but the text above came from an online update. Presumably the fact that it was a politician's son at the centre of the investigations was the reason for this.

    If you actually tallied up all the tourists and foreigners who meet a sticky end in Thailand every year I'm sure tourist arrivals would plummet. There was something like a dozen or more Brits alone killed since we came back, and that's just from actually being murdered not through accidents. Factor in all other nationalities and you'd be shocked.

    What's even more shocking is the leniency of the sentences passed down to Thais convicted of murdering foreigners, and the speed with which they are released after serving very little time in pokey. I'm sure I read somewhere that the guy arrested for the murder of the two Russian women earlier in the year, who actually confessed, is out on bail whilst the police try and find more people responsible. And of course the world's media has now moved on to other things, the spotlight is focused somewhere else and all is forgotten.

    On a lighter note the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club is hosting the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes. A local team of young Thais have made headlines by beating an Australian side and look set to do quite well. Apparently cricket is quietly gaining popularity among Thais. And when I say quiet I mean seriously quiet, but it is happening and more and more kids are being won over by the game. I'm sure I read somewhere that it's quite popular in Japan too.

    Israeli killed at the Full Moon Party, and a Thai cricket team...



    Anonymous Matt said...

    I always wanted to go to a full moon party until I actually got here, now I have no intention of ever going to one. I love to party, I've done Glastonbury three times, been to Ibiza, use to dress up like a xmas tree, etc. etc., but I have no intention of ever going to a full moon.

    9:01 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Agreed. As I'm the wrong side of thirty I'm probably too old anyway. Strange how this Israeli killing has been so hushed.

    3:48 pm  

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