• Monday, March 26, 2007

    Daughter not well and hunting for the blind...

    Weekend of the daughter being ill. Oh yes, two sleepless nights so far. She's been burning up with a high fever and sneaked into our room on Saturday night just in time to wake us by vomiting all over our bed. Luuuvely! Non-parents will have no idea of the difficulty in remaining calm and supportive at 3am when you've just been awoken by streams of vomit being splurged all over your bed.

    Seems on the mend now but kept her out of school today as she had high temperature again this morning. Normally she gets frog marched into school no matter what and has a more or less unblemished attendance record but she really has had it rough all weekend and I don't think school would be any help today.

    Managed to resist going to the doctor's so far. I just know that whatever the problem it will be the usual dispensing of antibiotics. She appears very much on the mend at the moment so hopefully all is well. Any continuation and we'll have to see the quack just in case.

    Ever heard of Edmund Kuempel? He's a Texas State Representative who has just announced a new bill to give blind people the "right" to hunt using lasers and lights so, and I quote, they can enjoy the fun of hunting too. Basically this translates as everyone must have the right to needlessly kill animals for pleasure. Well cheers Mr. Kuempel, you really are quite something. Maybe they should tether the animals to short chains and that way the "fun" of needless murder is guaranteed. You'd have to be blind to miss. Oh yeah, I forgot. What a world!

    Daughter not well and hunting for the blind...

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    Anonymous lillian said...

    Vomit at 3am is awful.. actually... ANYTHING is bad at 3am but vomit.. beats it all... poor u. Hope she feels better soon, poor thing. Wise to avoid doc...

    11:45 am  
    Anonymous Sensei said...

    D'oh! The poor girl, hope she gets better soon as!

    All I'll have to worry about is possible hairball upchucks, and finding 'amusing' kitty gifts underfoot. :D

    4:15 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    3am vomiting is bad but a CAT! I'm strictly dog when it comes to pets. Like cats but I'd never have one.
    We have a problem with the neighbour's cat at the moment, it keeps cra##ing on the lawn. Yes, Thai cats appear not to bury their doings like sensible, well mannered British cats, they just dump on the grass, copiously, and leave it for me. It stinks!! And now the bloody thing has taken to sleeping on my Land Rover.

    9:10 am  
    Anonymous Matt said...

    An adventurous cat somehow scaled the two storeys to my room, clung onto the wire mesh screaming, and found a way to open it and casually fall into my room as I watched in amazement.

    10:20 pm  

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