• Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Security in Bangkok, somewhere for the weekend and photos....

    Visited Paragon shopping mall yesterday and discovered that in the name of security all shoppers have to be scanned and have their bags searched. Seems OK, no problem with that. However, I went through with my camera backpack thingy from Lowepro which has a lower section for cameras etc. In mine I had a movie cam and a digital SLR and various things like batteries and remotes and whatnot. The guards searched the upper empty areas and didn't bother to question why such an empty bag was heavy. I could easily have been concealing a bomb or something more sinister in there and they would have been none the wiser. Did make me wonder if it is a serious measure or just a confidence building PR gesture.
    Looking for somewhere to go this weekend, other than making our regular pilgrimage to Koh Samet. I spoke to someone recently (Thai) who said there is a huge problem on Samet at the moment with flies. Rubbish is continuing to pile up in the hedges and forested areas and no one is bothering to move it. Result is an abundance of flies and increase in food related illness. Good to see the authorities making good use of the extra income from doubling the entrance fee to the island.
    Here are some views of Bangkok, for no particular reason.

    Security in Bangkok, somewhere for the weekend and photos....



    Anonymous Matt said...

    I think it's just for show, but I'm sure it still acts as a deterrent. They have been doing the same at Central for a while now, and they also search underneath some cars when they can be bothered.

    9:53 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yes, the half-arsed under the car search is common all over I think. I guess it has an effect in making people feel safe by knowing that the eyes of security are on the look-out.

    4:08 pm  

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