• Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Book review No.1

    I read quite a lot and have decided to write the odd review here as a read them. So, first off is one I read last week.

    Piers Morgan - The Insider.

    The Insider is a telling insight into the workings of British tabloids, told by one of their youngest and most controversial editors. Full to the brim with juicy gossip and inside information about just about everyone who made the news during Piers Morgan’s reign as editor of both the New of the World and The Mirror.

    Morgan provides a breathtaking look behind the scenes of the tabloid press and its relationship with British government and the celebrity world, and the thinking behind the front page splashes that are both loved and loathed throughout the world.

    Having survived various controversies including allegations of insider dealings and a very public falling out with the PM’s wife, who allegedly tried her best to get him sacked, he finally got dropped after publishing hoaxed pictures of British soldiers mistreating Iraqi prisoners. Ironically, while he was leading his crusade against the war through the pages of The Mirror his own brother was fighting in Iraq.

    Morgan is entertaining throughout but be warned, he never actually kept a diary which leaves you wondering if all the clever predictions and witty asides are genuine or simply the benefit of hindsight.

    He once famously described Kate Winslet as having “lost her head up her own arse”, but by the time I reached the end of the book I was starting to wonder if Morgan was suffering from the same.

    By his own admission he is guilty of hypocrisy; killing stories about those close to him whilst being savage towards others. And by the end it is clear that some of the Mirror’s more shocking headlines were largely personal attacks rather than being out of a genuine need to inform the public.

    Though unlikely to win any literary accolades, Morgan’s style and passion make for an entertaining read.

    Book review No.1



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