• Friday, March 02, 2007

    Killer of two Russian girls found and powerless malls...

    Day five of the saga and the police have announced they have found the killer of the two Russian tourists. He is Thai and his ex-girlfriend put the police on to him.

    His motive: robbery. Yep, he tried to rob the girls as they lounged in deckchairs on the beach. They screamed so he shot them both. How much money would you expect someone to have with them on the beach? Most people don't take more than enough for a few drinks so it can't have been a lot anyway. So they were killed for a few dollars basically.

    Having committed the deed he raced off on the bike to his ex-girlfriend's apartment and asked to hide for a few hours. Then off to Chon Buri, where he comes from, to sell the gun. The girl said she wanted to tell the police so she couldn't be connected with the crime and get into trouble at a later date. So presumably it wasn't because she thought that murder is wrong and she wanted to do the right thing.

    The police were going to give 500,000baht to anyone with information but it looks like she won't be getting her hands on that money. The Governor of Pattaya has offered the families of the dead girls 100,000baht in compensation (about US$3,000). I think sometimes such offers would be less insulting if they simply weren't made. I mean, money can never replace a loved one but to be offered such a small amount is nothing short of an insult.

    Now I know this is wrong, but I can't help thinking that the whole ugly incident would have been handled differently if the victims had been American or Australian or European. No nasty suggestions that the girls were hookers, no Clouseauesque police investigation involving game show contestants and no pitiful offers of compensation. Stereotypes are rife in Thailand and sadly the Russians have a pretty bad image, due to a minority of badly behaved ones, especially in Pattaya (so I'm told).

    He had been arrested earlier in the year for robbing a couple of Korean tourists, found guilty and then released.

    The heat is getting me down now. I'm feeling lazy and lethargic all the time and totally uninspired. It's just too warm to move. Sleep is all I feel like at the moment.

    The power went when I was at Central earlier. It's funny but you take things like light and cool air for granted in these enormous shopping malls. When the power went it suddenly got very dark and I was reminded that these large buildings generally don't have windows. And then the heat came. Within minutes it went from being almost cold to warm and then hot and sticky. As soon as the power went there was a mad rush from shop assistants as they pulled down shutters, presumably to stop any opportunists from taking advantage of the situation.

    Killer of two Russian girls found and powerless malls...



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