• Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Bangkok traffic, Prince Charles and a great new band - MonkieJamm.....

    It was a distance of not more than two hundred yards. It should have taken seconds but it took nearly forty minutes. Yes, I was in a Bangkok jam. What's happened? The last two days have been mad on the roads. Yesterday morning was chaotic and this afternoon was just unbelievable.

    Yes, I know this is Bangkok and it's always bad but today's session of static butt kissing was on a road that usually flows. This always causes problems between the wife and me. She has the advantage of being a Buddhist and seems to be able to retain a relative calmness in these situations whereas I start to boil.

    It's not normal to sit staring at the back end of a people carrier displaying a cartoon of a young boy pissing for more than half an hour and be calm. It's not normal to stay calm when finally the traffic does start to move and is suddenly brought to another crashing halt because nearly every car on the road immediately begins switching lanes. I can see where the term road rage comes from. I wonder if anger management courses for drivers are available in Bangkok? Hmm.

    Prince Charles of Britain has upset McDonalds by being quoted as suggesting they be banned as a possible solution to the ever increasing obesity amongst kids back home. They of course say they have made great steps to change their business practices. Though I tend to side with him on this one I must say that I noticed McDonalds back home has changed: new furniture and layout, organic milk and salads, a recycling push. All very inspiring. To be fair, they can hardly be blamed for an entire nation's obesity problem.

    Ever heard of a band called MonkieJamm? Probably not, they're an unsigned band from the UK. Have a listen to this and let me know what you think. I found it by accident and really like it. Needs some production and, personally I would suggest drums towards the end, but really catchy and perfect for getting over several hours in the Bangkok traffic.

    If you liked that try this.

    Bangkok traffic, prince Charles and a great new band - MonkieJamm.....

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    thankyou for your imput regarding the band Monkiejamm who have got two cd's out if you require any more info please go to www.monkiejamm.co.uk

    6:22 pm  
    Anonymous Tango said...

    Sawasdee khap.

    I'm Tango the lead guitarist of Monkiejamm, coincidentally I can speak Thai and have a daughter who's half Thai.

    Just want to thank you for plugging the band and to let you know that when we go to gigs pub's often spell our name wrong and yet you've managed to do it in the depths of Asia keep up the good work.

    Kop khun khap


    7:47 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    It's a pleasure to help, really like the music. I hope you don't mind but I put a video on youtube with one of your songs as the soundtrack last month. YouTube is now banned in Thailand as from a few days ago so I can't get the exact link to the clip on youtube but if you look at this post in my blog you should see it: http://lifeouteast.blogspot.com/2007/03/images-of-bangkok-travel-short-movie-ok.html

    I should be back in the UK by next month so maybe I'll get chance to come and check you guys out live.

    BTW I'm married to a Thai and also have a half Thai daughter.

    11:26 pm  

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