• Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Odd politics, moving and France...

    I feel cheated. Like many people here in Bangkok I was in support of the military coup, with the sworn aim of dethroning the big man Taksin and his cronies. They were going to take the country back and set it back on its path to democracy and economic success, and free it from the yoke of greedy egotistical leaders.

    But now what's happened? The new government has appointed non other than Somkid Jatusripitak to explain to the world about Thailand's "sufficiency economy" (I'd like that explained to me too). For those who don't know, Somkid was the deputy leader of Taksin's TRT (Thai Love Thai) party and largely responsible for what became known as Taksinomics. Think Tony Blair winning the 1997 election and then appointing Margaret Thatcher as chief policy advisor. You see?

    So having dethroned the nasty TRT they have now begun hiring it's most senior members to help run the country. So how long before Taksin is brought back in to once again schmooze the electorate? Many are left wondering why the tanks were rolling down the streets of Bangkok last year, what was it all about.

    Having made the decision to leave I'm now starting to back-peddle. Oh sure I think we'll be off shortly but now the decision has been made suddenly the positive aspects of life in Thailand are screaming at me loud. Suddenly all is rosy again. There are still many issues I have with life here but underneath it life is good, just so long as I don't read the paper or pay too much attention to what is going on. The more I read about life back in the UK, the state of the education system, crime, quality of life for children and .....on and on, the more I wonder if we're making a big mistake.

    I do know that we won't be in the UK for all eternity, I seem to get itchy feet very quickly. And if Labour win another election we'll definitely be off. I managed to miss most of the Blair years by being out of the country and I don't know that life under Mr. Brown will be something I want to experience, assuming of course that Blair finally lets go of the reins.

    To be honest if I could select any country to live in it would be France. I wouldn't say this in earshot of any French person obviously but I do like the French and I adore their country, especially their wine. The daughter has an obsession with France too, and she's never been there. I think she's inspired by her French art teacher at school who she has a great liking for. Last year she (the daughter) was telling me regularly that she wanted to live in France, in an old house that has no bathroom. Kids say the strangest things.

    Odd politics, moving and France...



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