• Saturday, February 17, 2007

    Chinatown, Bangkok and a great electric car....

    Had a mooch around Chinatown area this afternoon watching the preparations for the big celebration tomorrow. Busy but I guess not as busy as it will be tomorrow. Red and gold everywhere and firecrackers going off regularly.

    Lots of colour

    Food is a big part of the Chinese celebration

    Ever heard of VentureOne? It's a revolutionary 3-wheel, plug-in all electric, or Hybrid vehicle - that tilts. A 2-passenger capacity vehicle that can reach 100 mpg, hit 60mph in 6 seconds and speed you to more than 100 mph. And the best news is it should retail for under US$20,000!! And to top it all it looks great! But will it ever get into production?

    Chinatown, Bangkok and a great electric car....

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