• Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Would you pay more for an environmentally friendly car?

    Quite a debate raging on the BBC website, here, about whether people are prepared to pay extra for cars that have lower emissions. Europe has suggested that car makers reduce emissions by about 20% within the next five years, which is not going down well with car makers or motorists. The question is, would you be prepared to pay extra in order to have a car that is more environmentally friendly?

    There's a lot of comment about the benefits of using cars longer instead of buying new ones every few years. If the car is economical then I agree. I had a 1995 diesel Peugeot that did over 50mpg and went on and on, until the garage forgot to change the cam belt and the engine popped.

    Lots of talk too about hybrid cars. I've got a friend back home who has just bought a Lexus hybrid with an enormous engine. She pointed out that the performance is great but fuel efficiency crap, less than 30mpg. Where's the point in that then. Surely smaller more economical cars are the way forward.

    Personally I favour not having a car at all. They're a pain in the arse and cost a fortune in maintenance and taxes. I like flash cars like the next person but the idea of some funky big motor like an Aston, Rolls, Hummer or Maybach that does about 10mpg just doesn't do it for me. Bugatti brought one out a few years ago that will drain a full tank of fuel in 12 minutes if you floor it. Some claim to fame!!

    Environmental rant over.

    Would you pay more for an environmentally friendly car?



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