• Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Back in Thailand...

    Well, back in Thailand. Long and tiring flight via Singapore. Singapore Air once again up to their usual good standards, looking forward to trying out one of their new Airbus A380s, when they finally get them in the air.

    Nice to see the immigration staff at the new Suwarnabhumi airport in Bangkok are still taking themselves far too seriously and haven't learnt to smile. Wouldn't be the same without some miserable bugger stamping my passport and making me feel like I shouldn't be here. Landing went OK, if a bit rough but then that could been anything so not necessarily the cracks. Note to airport management: get some cleaning equipment and have a go at those floors throughout the airport. Saturday evening seems a good time to be arriving, got through in no time at all.

    Mixed feelings about being back. I'm still up for a move back to the UK but, despite everything, there is a part of me that quite likes life here. I need to find a balance. But, still aiming at a move about June time.

    Football match this evening, another Singapore v Thailand extravaganza. Should be entertaining. Hope the Thai team can go the full length of the game ON the pitch and try not to get in a huff. Thais have already been protesting outside the ground about the fact the tickets sold out so quick. Hmmm, this is a numbers thing, isn't it? X number of tickets and X times a hundred number of people wanting to see the match. I feel that Thailand is in danger of causing some serious damage to its reputation, if violence occurs as expected. I really hope this isn't the case. I'm sure my support for the Singaporean team will cause some marital tension in the house this evening.

    Went to the shop in the moo baan last night to get a beer. The guy there was his usual jolly self, chatting and asking about England and the weather there. "My daughter lives there but I don't even know what the weather is like." This is his usual complaint. His daughter went to the UK to study some years ago and never came back. He knows she is now working, but other than that nothing. Quite sad really. He jokes about it but I think he's quite upset really. We've got a neighbour who's son and daughter went to public (private for you Americans) school in the UK and then uni there too and they've never come back either. Children of Thailand lost to the west and comfortable living.

    More later, I have a mop of hair that is in desperate need of a chop.

    Back in Thailand...



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