• Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Terrorists in UK and Thai/Singapore football nonsense....

    New business venture giving me a serious headache at the moment. Name change, web site style change, and simply not get enough time to actually work on it.

    Another outbreak of nastiness here in England. Several Muslim residents of Birmingham have been arrested following a six month operation by security services. They were allegedly plotting to kidnap a British Muslim soldier and film his torture and eventual decapitation, and post it on the net. Nice. The soldier is now under police protection and hopefully the suspects, if found guilty, will have the key thrown away.

    I see Singapore have beaten Thailand at football. The Thais were apparently pissed off when Singapore were awarded a penalty, which resulted in the whole team throwing a big hissy fit on the sidelines, refusing to carry on play until being persuaded to return to the field. This of course after man-handling the ref. Ah yes, the traditional Thai/Buddhist notion of tolerance in play there I see. Sunday's game will be amusing. I predict Thailand will win, they have a habit of winning on their home turf, even when they don't. There's talk of a bit of crowd violence. Is stamping off the pitch with your handbag, huffing and puffing, really part of the spirit of the beautiful game?

    Terrorists in UK and Thai/Singapore football nonsense....

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