• Friday, January 26, 2007

    Suwarnabhumi airport not safe, cracks on the runway...

    Well, am I the only one who is concerned about the appalling lack of safety in Thailand. The new Suwarnabhumi airport has not even been granted a safety certificate but still the airport remains open. The taxiways and runways have hundreds of cracks and holes but no sign of closure or flight cancellation. For the authorities in Thailand to admit to any errors they must be very bad, as normally a tight lip approach would be adopted.

    I'm flying into the god-forsaken place next week with my daughter and to be honest I'm not overly keen on the idea of having my life at the mercy of a bunch of people who clearly value cash above the safety and lives of people. If it was any other country the airport would be closed for the problems to be addressed, but not in Thailand.

    Once again they show a complete disregard for human life. They were warned a few hours before the tsunami but chose to ignore the warning in case a few tourists got frightened and they lost some money. Not the best decision really. Lets hope they are not doing a similar thing here.

    If a plane should crash at the airport because of the runway cracks, it will have to blamed on someone else. Couldn't possibly be a Thai problem. Suwarnabhumi airport is clearly not safe, along with many things in Thailand. I just hope that this is a problem that is solved quickly (and correctly) before lives are lost.

    As regards the Taksin v military junta debacle I've heard a rumour, from a reliable source, that Taksin and his family will not be charged with anything. Should be interesting if this is true.

    Suwarnabhumi airport not safe, cracks on the runway...



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