• Monday, January 08, 2007

    Nice day for divorce...

    According to the press today is the busiest time for divorce lawyers and this week the busiest week. It seems that couples get Christmas over with, get the kids back to school and then make their way to the solicitor's office and try to put an end to their marriage. Nice.

    Adultery, lack of sex and boredom are the main reasons for the post-Christmas split. The holiday pushes them together and is enough to tip the balance. One quarter of people say they split because of infidelity and the biggest complaint from the men is a lack of sex and boredom. I guess there is a collective rubbing of hands from lawyers all over the country.

    Generally the number of divorces are down in England and Wales. It seems sad that the biggest problem within marriage, according to the surveys, is sex; either lack of it or extra marital flings. You'd have thought that both would be possible to overcome rather than rushing to the lawyer wanting a divorce. Research shows that if a marriage lasts for ten years then it will more than likely run the course. Seven years is the hot zone for getting the split. I'm on six years so I guess it's itchy feet time next year.

    I'm no fan of divorce. My folks got divorced twice. Yep, twice, just for good measure. But saying that I think it is better to have the option available rather than living a life of misery. Places like Thailand are proud of their low divorce rate (traditionally) but then you need to look further than the figures. I know people in Thailand who have been married for fifty years and they hate the sight of their spouses. They stay together because of tradition and because it's not considered "Thai" to get divorced. Though that is now changing. Traditionally the Thai man was allowed to have more than one wife and it is common for Thai men, even now, to have a mistress or two (mia noi: little wife). Presumably this cuts out the lack of sex and boredom that British men face. Maybe there's something we can learn there (lol).

    Nice day for divorce...



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