• Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    Brutality in Thailand - Tak Bai

    Thailand is a nice country and has a lot going for it but there is an ugly side to the culture. I've lived in Thailand, on and off, for some years, about seven I think. I keep up with current events and I have regularly been dismayed by some of the shit that goes on in Thailand. We were living in the UK when the Tak Bai "incident" took place but we read about it on the BBC. However, until tonight I'd never seen footage of the incident.

    Spare 6 minutes to look at this. You will be shocked. I'm not easily shocked. I've witnessed violence in life and witnessed more than one death in my time but I was shocked by this footage. I know that the separatists in the south are brutal and barbaric in their methods and have committed hideous and foul crimes but they are the bad guys, aren't they? They are the terrorists in the equation, aren't they? This clip shows the actions of the Thai police and army when faced with unarmed, restrained and outnumbered opposition. This is clearly bully-boy actions by cowardly people who the Thai people trust to uphold justice and the letter of the law.

    Maybe I'm getting old but I can't see how this behaviour can possibly help anyone or the situation. And if this is what they behave like in front of the cameras then it's anyone's guess what happens behind the scenes. I'm sure these guys felt really brave and courageous at the end of business that day and probably all got some kind of kick out of it but in no way can this possibly help anyone.

    Brutality in Thailand - Tak Bai

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    Blogger Starbuck said...

    A place of such extremes. Holidaymakers know Thai people to be some of the friendliest in the world, but as always things are never that simple. Its a tragedy that corruption and desperation end up staining everyone.

    3:25 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    I agree, always the small guy who gets the rough end of the stick. Sad thing is that I've met quite a few Thais in Bangkok who completely support what the authorities do down in the south and some are actually proud of the beatings that get handed out.

    5:35 am  

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