• Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    New year here, too much food and Thai politics and bombs..

    Site here. Latest clip here.

    That's it, all over now. All festivities have come to an end, food eaten and drink consumed and all in copious quantities and now it's heads down for a new year. England is now cold and wet, the trees are without leaves, well most of them, and there's no sign of snow. Just rain. By tomorrow most will be back to work and everything back to normal.

    Managed to make up for the disastrous Christmas lunch in Bangkok by eating way too much yesterday. First vegetarian Christmas and I can't say I've really missed the meat. Thank god that wine is vegetarian.

    Looks like the smoke and mirrors of Thai politics is in full swing. The bombs were Muslim separatists, no, they were the actions of pro-Taksin groups, no, they were the military government pretending to be pro-Taksinites, no, they were the pro-Taksinites pretending to be the military government pretending to be pro-Taksinites, and on and on and on... As usual those with power, money and egos argue and bicker and the ordinary Thai gets shat on from a great height and the country suffers yet more damage to its reputation. Some are reporting that there's the possibility of a month of bombing ahead. Personally I can't see that being the case but I think the government is going to get some serious competition in the coming months. Why is General Suchinda on my mind a lot at the moment? Ever had de-ja vu? Matt has been posting photos and thoughts here.

    My insomnia has got worse since being back here. I get a low early evening and usually manage to nod off for literally a few minutes and then I'm up until the wee small hours. Just can't seem to close off at the end of the day. I've had this for some time now, years in fact. Not a big problem just means that I get really tired bouts about once a week. Bed at four and up at six is the usual routine and sometimes go straight through just to get really tired for the following night.

    New year here, too much food and Thai politics and bombs..

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