• Friday, December 29, 2006

    Life Out East - back west for a month...

    So now back in deepest darkest rural Herefordshire, near the Welsh border, where the sky is full of stars and the loudest thing at night is the silence. Having been awake for nearly forty-eight hours now I find that I'm suffering from one of my regular bouts of insomnia. So, it's time to catch up on some computer work whilst watching TV - the excellent Ronin is on.

    Very good flight with Singapore Airways, up to their usual standards. My only complaint being that the children's meals, for the daughter, were full of junk food rather than anything substantial. The only other thing is that the planes seem to be getting old and are starting to look a bit tatty. But then I guess Airbus could be to blame for that by being late with the delivery of the new 19 A380 on order.

    First time flying out of the new Suwarnabhumi Airport. Yep, it really is a shopping mall with planes in. Once you get through to departures it's just like being in Paragon or Emporium. Not a good feeling at all. Thankfully I was flying with Singapore Airways and not Thai Airways as the whole of the Thai Airways check-in area was in complete chaos with the biggest queues I've ever seen at an airport. I can see why so many people are complaining.

    Anyone getting VAT refunds at the airport take note: you have to get your receipt and documents stamped outside near the check-in area and then receieve your refund inside, after you have gone through passport control. If you check-in and then pass through passport control without geting your stamp then the VAT refund will not happen. I'm sure I've heard of this happening all ready.

    Life Out East - back west for a month...

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