• Friday, December 22, 2006

    Christmas triple whammy, this blog in the press and pampered pooches...

    Inside the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. Taken last year.

    The big day draws closer and the daughter becomes more agitated and curious about what Santa will be bringing for her. By default she'll be getting a triple helping of Christmas this year. We're celebrating Christmas on Christmas eve with some German friends in Bangkok. Santa delivers to German households on Christmas eve apparently so she'll be doing some present opening there. Then on Christmas day she gets the main haul, all over by about 8am I guess. And as she's going back to the UK after Christmas she'll be getting presents that Santa has left over there for her. Me thinks this is too much.

    Many thanks to Matt here. His weekly column in the Guru magazine supplement that comes with the Bangkok Post was about bloggers and blogging this week. In it he mentioned this blog - first mention in the press. He described it as: a tidy, efficient reflection of day-to-day observations. Cheers Matt. If we ever meet I'll buy you a beer.

    It is now comfortably cool here in Bangkok. The temperature currently 64f (18c) and the sun is shining brightly. It's cool in the shade but not exactly cold. Still, Thais are shivering and grumbling about the cold weather and generally feeling it. The wife toddled off to the office this morning in shirt and jumper warning the daughter that she'll get pneumonia if she doesn't wear a jacket today. You can bet your boots she would have had the air-con on in the car though, the thought of opening the windows wouldn't have occurred.

    The pampered pooches of the moo baan are currently to be seen decked-out in fancy jackets. Come on, I mean really! Does a dog really need a jacket in Thailand? These dogs could brave sub-zero temperatures quite happily without recourse to the latest fashion labels. The poor little sods are panting and look clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of the much tougher street dogs.

    Christmas triple whammy, this blog in the press and pampered pooches...



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