• Sunday, December 17, 2006

    Weekend in Ayuthaya...

    Returned from the weekend in Ayuthaya. Left the car and went by train. Though Thailand's trains are not the cleanest by a long stretch they are cheap and a great way to see the country. Bangkok to Ayuthaya 20 baht for non-air and 40 baht air-con. This time of year there's no real need for air-con anyway.

    Ayuthaya is not the most exciting place on earth but ideal for a weekend relaxing, away from the chaos and traffic of Bangkok. If temples are your thing then they are two a penny. Mostly dating back to Ayuthaya's heyday as Thailand's capital, which ended in the seventeen hundreds due to it being sacked by the Burmese. It seems like the whole place is one big historical park with ancient ruins wherever you look.

    As for travelling with children, as we were (child), I repeat, it's not the most exciting place on earth. The daughter is only three so can't really be expected to be that interested in the ruins of ancient temples. I've never been one for temples either and frankly I'm all templed out at the moment. The only other place I want to visit in order to see temples is Sukothai, another old capital. Maybe next year.

    We stayed at Baan Kun Pra on U-Thong Road. I stayed there about twelve years ago. It's an eighty year old teak house that's been sympathetically updated and adapted into a small guest house. Conditions are basic but it gives a great feel of old Thai style living. They charge a standard fee of 600 baht per night, regardless of season. The low point is the food, generally sanitized Thai food adapted to what they think foreigners like - the result being a bland offering.

    When I get chance I'll write more here.

    Weekend in Ayuthaya...



    Blogger Liza said...

    Hi. I don't really have a comment specific to this post, but I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your blog, since "discovering" it recently. It's a fun read!

    7:23 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Thanks for that, likewise with yours. Always nice to get some feedback. Cheers!

    9:15 pm  
    Blogger Matt said...

    I love Ayutthaya. I used to go every weekend. How did you find the trains? Sometimes they're really full up to Ayutthaya. Cheap though.

    You're right about it not being exciting, but it's nice to take a break up there. Not a lot to do. And so bloody hot. I like to walk around until I pass out under a tree.

    10:13 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    The train wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, managed to get seats. Just a nice place to take some rest away from Bangkok and a change from the usual beach run to Koh Samet.

    8:43 am  

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