• Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Land Rover problems and Bangkok taxi drivers....

    Looks like we might have found a school that ticks all the boxes. At last.

    Confectioners, Thai style

    It's been a few months since there was a problem with the Land Rover so it was overdue for a break down. And it has. The clutch has stopped working. Not sure if it's just the clutch cable or if it needs a new clutch. Haven't got time to get someone to look at it yet. I guess I can't grumble, it is old and maybe that was the original clutch in which case it has every right to stop working.

    Took the daughter to school by taxi. Generally I like taxi drivers in Bangkok, usually chatty and good fun. Occasionally you get an a'hole who is either utterly miserable and rude with it or just plain rude and trying to con you but more often than not they are a good bunch. Today's was an oldish guy and very serious looking. He waited whilst I took the daughter in to school. When I got back he was chatting on his mobile to his mia noi or mistress and very jolly with it.

    This seems to be common for taxi drivers in Bangkok. I've been shown more pictures of taxi drivers' mistresses than I care to remember. I don't know if taxi drivers earn a lot of money here or if they have a reputation for being a good catch but a lot of them have their bit on the side in Bangkok whilst old wifey is back in the provinces making ends meet and looking after the kids. The pictures always show dolly-bird types too, young, glitzy girls who you'd think wouldn't take a second look at the crusty old driver in the taxi. If I even mentioned the idea of a mistress the wife would be off like a shot, or worse.

    Land Rover problems and Bangkok taxi drivers....

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