• Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Trouble in northern Thailand and international schools...

    Once again the northern border with Burma at Mai Sai has been closed. Fighting between the Shan State Army and the government troops has spilt over into Thailand and, allegedly, the drug trade too.

    I've been up there a few times and I think it's one of the nicest parts of Thailand. From Chiang Rai up to Mai Sai and all around that area is some wonderful countryside and some of Thailand's friendliest people. And what I've seen across the border is good too, except the fighting and government oppression of course. Such a shame. I hope this recent outburst subsides quickly, and without large scale murder on either side.

    The countryside around Mai Sai and Chiang Rai.

    I think I've mentioned before that it's easy to forget living in Bangkok that there's a whole range of troubles in various parts of Thailand that we Bangkokians become sheltered from. Life is easy here, apart from the traffic, and troubles on the perimeter of Thailand are just stories in the paper that can easily be overlooked. For further info about Burma and independent news check here.

    Looks like Taksin's two kids could be off the hook as regards their insider trading charges. Next will be his wife and her brother and then, presumably, the big man himself. It's not a done deal yet but looking more likely. If he is proved innocent then what about the validity of the coup and its leaders? Found guilty he would presumably face jail, and I can't honestly see that happening. So if he's innocent of charges laid against him then surely the coup would become a gross over-reaction and democracy in Thailand would have taken an even more serious blow. Could this mean Taksin back in the hot seat? Hmmm, interesting.

    The quest for a school for daughter continues. So difficult to find the right mix of good education, excellent facilities, convenient location and affordability. When looking for an international school in Thailand I've found this site here to be a good starting point. Most of the serious players are listed here.

    We looked at Bromsgrove International School yesterday. Great facilities, good approach to child development and the teachers seem up to par. The biggest problem is that it is bloody miles from where we live, not on the sky train or underground route and doesn't have an expressway next to it. With strong ties to it's sister school in the UK, which has been going for 500 years, there was a feeling of confidence. And, unlike other "sister" schools, Bromsgrove School in England is also co-ed, so she could go there if we returned to the UK. Got another one to view today if we get time.

    Looks like being another scorcher today. Yesterday looks like it was a rare treat rather than a change towards winter.

    Trouble in northern Thailand and international schools...



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