• Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Rooftop living in Bangkok...

    Indian temple on Silom Road, otherwise known as Wat Kaek

    Had a meeting with a guy down on the Thonburi side of Pinklao bridge this morning. I lived there years ago, on Jaransanitwong Road. I'd forgotten how much I like that area, and on the other side of the river around Banglampoo. Real old Thailand feel about it. The traffic down there is much improved compared to what it was when I lived there but still not the best part of town to be with a car.

    The guy I met is living on the top of a small apartment block, literally on the roof. There's a great view across the river and the surrounding low level properties. Wonderful place to live, basic but any lack of amenities is made up for by the great location. Though a lift would be a useful addition to the building's infrastructure.

    I've been thinking about moving for sometime now and this is making my feet itch even more. I don't suddenly want to live on a roof but somewhere with a bit more character. Our present house is nice but I would prefer to love somewhere more centrally located so I don't need a vehicle. Going into town from here is a real trek and is time consuming. I've never been a fan of new houses anyway, generally featureless and bland. Ideally I would like to live in an old Thai wooden house but I guess that will never happen.

    Rooftop living in Bangkok...



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