• Monday, December 04, 2006

    Strange questions and bleeding nipples...

    The daughter is now at the asking questions stage. I read somewhere that the average 2-3 year old asks a couple of hundred questions a day. I can confirm that this is reality. Why, what, where, how etc etc has become her daily mantra. I must have had twenty questions on the drive to school alone. There seems to be no end to her present curiosity about life. One gem of a question was, why do we die? Followed by, what happens after we die? Being someone with no religion there was nothing for it other than brutal reality. She took it well and pondered for a while before enquiring as to why people have noses.

    All was fine at the gym. I did my daily hour long run on the treadmill, well almost an hour. Standing at the water dispenser knocking back water and I noticed that people were looking at me strange. Two women and an American guy who is a dead ringer for Leslie Neilsen were staring at me. Ignoring them I went to pull some weights and caught my reflection in the mirror. Two great big blood stains on each breast of my white shirt! I've been suffering from nipple-rub recently but not to this extent before. Any suggestions other than slapping a plaster on each one before exercise? Felt a bit of a twit walking back to the changing room with bleeding nipples.

    Winter is here at last [hoping that isn't tempting fate], or as close to winter as it is possible in Thailand. Today has been hot but bearable and general conversation is about the drop in temperature. At last. Straight after Christmas the daughter and I are heading back to the UK so we'll miss the coolest part of the year and return just as the heat is rising again.

    The search for a good school for daughter goes on. These international schools have been breeding, there's bloody loads of them now. The choice is wide, the prices vary and most of them are not exactly close to where we live.

    I saw something on the BBC website at the weekend about how fridge magnets are dangerous to your health. Something to do with weak hearts and pace-makers. Fridge magnets! Something else for them to ban no doubt.

    Strange questions and bleeding nipples...



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