• Saturday, December 02, 2006

    All stand for Paul Collingwood!! Trouble at the ballet...

    What a performance, maybe we can do it after all. Paul Collingwood managed a superb double century on the second day of the Ashes, helping England to a 551-6 declared. Oh glory, oh joy, how sweet! I read one report last week that suggested that Australia might actually run out of steam early in the series. Could this be true, could this really be the case? There's plenty of time for them to turn things around in true Australian fashion but we English can but hope that we're about to get another victory. One thing is for sure, Australia aren't the type to take it on all fours, so it's set to be a pretty impressive series.

    The ballet, the ballet. Arghhh!. For some reason, and against the wishes of all the parents, the ballet school had this great idea of putting the youngest kids, including my daughter, on second from last. Having arrived for a practice session at 11am the teacher didn't make an appearance until 12.30. There then followed several hours of waiting and playing and generally running out of energy. By the time the little ones were called to the stage at nearly 5pm they were knackered and bad tempered. The daughter caught a last minute bout of stage fright and refused to go on. The others did and then two more lost it on stage and just stood wailing whilst a few brave ones danced around to an hysterical audience. Such a shame that the teacher wouldn't listen to the parents. Still, all good fun at this stage in life, just hope it doesn't put her off the school show later this term.

    Personally I don't mind if the daughter does or doesn't do things like this, it's entirely her choice. But there are some parents there who are really piling the pressure on their kids, desperate for them to achieve all the time. I often wonder if maybe that is the right way to be rather than my approach to letting her make the choices and just simply going along with her and supporting her. I'm sure if I pushed her neither of us would feel comfortable with the situation.

    All stand for Paul Collingwood!! Trouble at the ballet...



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