• Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    New business, flying from Thailand and old people in the gym....

    Busy planning a new business that will be based in the UK but run from here, in sunny old Thailand. No details at the moment but one of the keys to it is that it will be as close to 100% "green" and ethical as possible. Have you any idea how difficult this is to achieve? Even getting kosher green powered web hosting isn't easy; they're either using a credit system to off-set the pollution or the price is in the clouds. I've managed to find one that looks the genuine real deal though. Why do companies insist on charging a premium for anything with "green" in the title?

    Booked up to return to the UK for January, leaving between Christmas and New Year. There are many things I need to do related to above mentioned business that will be easier during the set-up stage over there. The mere mention of leaving the daughter had her in fits of tears and wailing and crying that she didn't want me to leave her so, yes, she's booked up too. The wife can't come, too busy with work so once again dad and daughter head west. I feel I'm getting a double whammy here. I pay for her flight and at the same time I have to pay for her education, that she will be missing by coming with me. I might see if it's possible for her to tag along with her cousin at her school while she's there and get a taste of winter playgrounds UK style.

    As usual Singapore Air came up trumps with a good deal. BA and Thai silly price, Etihad was a bit cheaper but Singapore Air is a much better airline, besides which this trip takes my air miles up to a level that might see back home for free or a return flight to Australia, India or Japan. Weather and ground conditions permitting we will be planting a few trees to make up for our flights. Photo evidence to follow.

    The gym was full of OAPs today. Where have all the young people gone? That's two days in a row now. I'm starting to wonder if I've missed something and maybe it's an OAP special this week.

    New business, flying from Thailand and old people in the gym....



    Blogger lielie said...

    old people at the gym? haha I KNOW I'd like to write a post about how old farang men in thailand but can't write it without being offensive... btw.. we love singapore airlines :-) you can watch movies and play e games for almost 12 hours. Our kids LOVE it to.

    9:27 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yep, looks like it's old timers week. One or two young faces today but average age is still about 70.
    SIA is my favourite choice: generally great service, great food, not too pricey and heaps better than most others I've flown with.
    Thanks for the comment.

    9:45 pm  

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