• Friday, November 24, 2006

    Eating dogs in Thailand

    Sadly it seems that the once frowned upon practice of eating dogs in Thailand is on the rise again. Chiang Mai is leading the way in the dog eating department with sales apparently soaring; black dogs and foreign breeds being the most popular. Maybe it is no coincidence that Chiang Mai is also a popular destination for Chinese tourists. A simple case of supply and demand. Street sellers have even admitted that they lie to customers who don't want dog, saying that the meat is either lamb or beef. Be warned, when eating in Chaing Mai you might not be getting what you ordered. What you think is lamb or beef could in fact be man's best friend.

    Eating dogs in Thailand is not new. It has always been around, but generally in rural pockets in the north and the east. A general revulsion towards this archaic practice and growing acceptance that man's best friend is in fact man's best friend and not for the dinner plate led to it almost being wiped out. The traditional way to kill a dog for the plate in Thailand was to drop it in a bag, hang the bag from a tree and then beat the dog to death with sticks. The belief being that this would make for better tasting meat. Personally I think that is ridiculous and anyone who would do such a thing is seriously sick in the head. But that's just me.

    About ten years ago there was a scare as it was discovered that some roadside noodle vendors were substituting dead street dog for more expensive meat in the meat balls (look-chin). The general revulsion towards dog eating aside this presented a health risk. Have you seen the average street dog? Scabby and mangy and riddled with god only knows what.

    Once this trend gets a hold and increases in popularity, also fueled by "hardcore" travellers wanting to prove their no holds barred approach to travel (yawn), then surely another little abhorrent industry will spring up. Dog fur fashion. And then there'll be people selecting the prettiest pooch based on their fur and sittng comfortably whilst the fur is ripped from the back of said pooch and the meat prepared for the plate and fur cleaned for delivery to the customer. How civilised.

    Eating dogs in Thailand

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