• Monday, November 20, 2006

    Rains in Bangkok and video clips....

    Having written earlier about the lack of rain around here seemed to do the trick. Within a few hours there was an almighty downpour and yours truly got soaked. It was just as I was collecting the daughter from school. She was grumpy about something already so getting an uninvited shower on her head didn't go down too well. Note to self: buy an umberella.

    As is often the case with tropical rains it only lasted for a few minutes and then the sun came out again. It has cooled things down a bit though, in fact it is very nice this evening. Bloody mosquitoes are out in full squadrons and vicious as hell but at least it's bearably cool. As soon as this is done I will be sat outside with a cold can of Asahi beer(favourite beer of the moment - japanese) and swatting mozzies.

    I've updated the site with a video clip page. No new articles at the moment just starting a collection of clips. Most of the ones there at the moment were taken with a stills camera but as soon as I get all the gremlins sorted with the new handycam I'll be making regular posts, courtesy of www.youtube.com.

    Rains in Bangkok and video clips....



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