• Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Ploenchit Fair Bangkok

    Spent far too long at the Ploenchit fair but the kids enjoyed it. First time I've been since it has been at the new location of BEC-Tero. More space than the British Embassy but I felt there wasn't quite the same atmosphere.
    Took the daughter, wife and mother-in-law and we met up with one of my daughter's friend's and her family there. The kids had a great time. Just like a fair back home with lots of activities and rides and great kid-centred entertainment. Between the lot of us we managed to win quite a bit and I bagged a bottle of Johnny Walker just as we were leaving.
    Hard to say if there was the usual amount of people as there was much more space so probably deceiving. As a guess I'd say they did well and raised quite a lot for the charity. The beer was certainly flowing well.

    For this time of year it was very hot, positively sweltering. Sweat was dripping most of the day.

    Ploenchit Fair Bangkok



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