• Monday, November 13, 2006

    Thai coup, Bond movie, Khao San Road, and something I found in my inbox...

    I read somewhere that there is a possibility of upcountry Thais unhappy with the loss of Taksin moving in on Bangkok in the coming months. This would obviously create quite a situation. Personally I don't think it will happen. Despite the military government the coup seems to be very much yesterday's news and life is plodding on quite happily. This is the view from our particular part of Bangkok anyway.

    I wonder if anyone really is missing him that much. I was never an admirer of Taksin but credit where it's due he certainly made an effort to modernise the country and drag it forward. His methods were maybe a bit askew and he tried hard to get the country running well before it could walk but he made a good effort. Anyway, along came the another Thai coup and he's history now.

    This week brings the opening of the latest offering of Bond movie in Thailand. Casino Royale opens on 16/11/06 with the all new James Bond actor Daniel Craig in the driving seat. His performance in Layer Cake was excellent and, despite what many of his critics are saying, I really think he'll give the role a more realistic feel. Just hope I don't end up eating those words at a later date.

    Might make the pilgrimage down to Khao San Road later this week. On Thursday evening Khao San Road is host to the second Singha Taste of Thailand challenge. I missed last year's but I've heard it's worth a visit. Quite a few live bands and the chance for foreigners to try and be Thai and make fools of themselves on stage. Sounds good fun. For more info see here.

    I found this in my inbox and thought I'd share it with you..

    Thai coup, Bond movie, Khao San Road, and something I found in my inbox...



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