• Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Internet problems and more pain...

    I took this at Shwe Dagon, Rangoon, Burma

    last year. No relevance, just like the pic.

    I have a domain name, I have a hosting package and I've created a site but I just CAN'T publish the wretched thing. Normally there isn't a problem with this but for some reason, beyond my limited techie knowledge, it won't work. Just can't seem to shake the files off my computer onto the site location. At present I'm getting NO support from the hosting company.

    Woke today with more pain than before. I'm starting to think this is going to drag on a lot longer than I thought. My efforts at the gym will have been wasted if I can't get back into my training schedule ASAP. If only I'd pulled the back brake instead of the front brake!!

    Started to contact people concerning the trip and so far had some good replies. Some haven't bothered but nevermind, there's plenty more. Next job while I'm lay low and suffering in a loud silence is to knock off some sponsor forms and info about the Elephant Nature Foundation, my challenge and raising money. I'm going to try and do this in Thai and English too.

    The daughter is talking more frequently about going back to live in the UK now. Hard to fathom out if she is serious of just rambling. I know she likes it there but does she really know what she's saying? I've explained all the negative points about living there and she's still not put off. I can think of at least one person who will be unhappy if we move back - the wife!

    A few months ago I'd have gone back at the drop of a hat but I think I've settled here more now, I've gone through the transition period and now feel more confortable. It would be nice being back in Europe though and able to work and earn money again. And have delicious, warm English beer, cricket, The Daily Telegraph, no mozzies, no snakes in the garden etc etc. Arghh! Still, Thailand always seems to have this big hot yellow thing in the sky that England only gets for a few weeks in the year. A lot of thinking to done and a big bike ride before any movement.

    Internet problems and more pain...



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