• Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Lazy Sunday and Loy Kratong......

    Another lazy Sunday with the usual family orientated stuff. Ballet in the morning but no kid's parties this week. There's yet another home and garden exhibition at Muang Tong Thani so the wife is going up there with the daughter to browse and see how our house should look according to the style gurus.

    It is of course Loy Kratong time, as anyone with a 1000mile radius of Thailand will surely know.
    That said it has been noticed that there doesn't seem to be as much fuss made this year as in past years. And for anyone who doesn't know what Loy Kratong is there should be an article up here soon to tell you all about it.

    Here's the "kratong" my daughter made at school. We'll be floating "loy" this later this evening.

    Had to soak the garden again today. Despite the flooding that is causing chaos in other parts of Thailand our little part of the country is suffering its own drought. We've not seen so much as a drop of rain in a week. The garden has been seriously lacking in water and the plants have started to wilt.

    Here's a few pics from downtown taken yesterday.

    Lazy Sunday and Loy Kratong......



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