• Friday, November 03, 2006

    Life Out East, camcorders and solar power...

    I've now secured a domain and got "green" web hosting to accompany this blog. www.lifeouteast.com will be up and running very soon. The main focus to start with will be the sponsored cycle through Thailand.

    As with other sites I have I host through an environmentally friendly hosting company from Canada called The Green Web Host Inc. You can get more info about them here. I've used them several times and can highly recommend their service, very professional. And nice to know that you're doing a bit for the environment at the same time.

    I'm looking to get a video camera/camcorder/movie cam, whatever you want to call it. I would like to get the Sony HDR HC1 but funds don't stretch that far. So, I've been looking at cheaper Sonys that have a hard drive rather than tape and the JVC equivalent. General opinion is that the Sony is better. Top of the list at the moment is the SR40 with 30gb hard drive.

    I have two problems to get over first. Firstly I'd prefer not to take my laptop cycling around Thailand as it is a widescreen job and will add considerably to my luggage weight. So I need to be able to download movie from the camera when it gets full, but without a computer. Any suggestions? The shops I've been to don't seem to know if it is possible to plug the cam straight into a portable hard drive or not. Advice would be most welcome.

    Secondly I need to be able to charge the cam, mobile phone, ipod and regular camera batteries. I'm thinking solar power - there's plenty of that in Thailand. Can anyone suggest either a product that would be suitable or a supplier who sells such a thing. Size, weight and cost are important here.

    There are far more important things to be considering but, being a bloke, the techie things have risen to the top of the pile.

    Life Out East, camcorders and solar power...


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