• Thursday, November 02, 2006

    The problem with being a working mum. Cycling....

    I think my wife has learnt the hard way that being a career minded mum and giving up responsibility of your child to your husband has a downside. Apart from the drop in income (I was the higher earner in the UK and now earn a pittance here from occasional writing) she has got a daughter who seems to be growing closer and closer to dad each day. Despite my attempts to make it fair and promote my wife in our daughter's eyes it is getting worse.

    If I am selfish then I have no problem with this but I do feel for the wife. I'm with her most of the time and so I get the most attention, I'm what the mum would usually be I guess. From my point of view it's great, we have a really strong bond. I don't encourage her to pay attention to me more than the wife it is just working that way. I can see tears ahead. I'm sure she will be looking to give up this wor lark before long and get back to how it used to be.

    Had the first offer of joining me in the cycling. From the lady here. However, she also pointed out that the idea of cycling ten hours a day would probably age her ten years so I guess it's a no really. Still time. Any takers?

    The problem with being a working mum. Cycling....



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