• Monday, October 30, 2006

    Bangkok sport clubs and gym, worrying pollution...

    Haven't exactly confirmed a new gym in Bangkok or Nonthaburi yet but I had a free try at Sports City. No faulting the facilities there, top notch. Excellent and great staff. Only problem is the price, bloody expensive. 28,000 baht per year, about £400 GBP or US$720. I don't know if this is expensive but it certainly seems it to me.

    To be honest there doesn't seem to be much choice as the only good one nearby is Sports City. Make that, the only one nearby period. I called Clark Hatch but between their directions and my Thai I couldn't find the place.

    Lots in the news at the moment about the threat of global warming and climate change. Seems that if people don't change their ways pretty soon things are going to get tough in the coming years. With all this so widely known I wonder why car companies continue to churn out ever larger vehicles with monstrous engines? Why are budget airlines continually setting up making te plane ride almost comparable to the train ride. Do we need virtually free flights? Do we need to nip off to another country for a day's shopping or night out? Do countries the size of the UK and Ireland really need inernal flights? I know people who take a plane from Liverpool to London. Madness.

    Probably sounds a bit hypercritical coming from one who owns a Land Rover. In my defence I rarely drive it, it runs on LPG and don't always use the air-con. I also make an effort to limit my effect on the environment: recycle where possible, don't waste, plant trees and plants whenever an opportunity arises, use sustainable web hosting, turn lights of that aren't being used, use public transport whenever possible and car share when I can. My weekly mileage must be no more than 20km, if that. I walk or cycle to local shops and use the train and mass transit system when I can.

    I don't understand why countries like Thailand with such a regular supply of sunlight don't make more use of PV cells. My wife goes to work and puts a jacket on in the office because the air-con is so cold. All the staff do too and sit there moaning about the cold. Because it's a large building they have no control over the temperature. Knocking it down a few notches would save a fortune and sooo much fuel if replicated throughout the country.

    Anyway, enough grousing for now.

    Bangkok sport clubs and gym, worrying pollution...



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