• Friday, October 27, 2006

    Political uncertainty, Thai floods and the new airport....

    All seemed quiet but now looks like there could be some of the smelly stuff hitting the fan after all. Ex-PM Taksin (or Toxin, Tax'in, Tax-swiz etc as he seems to be known) is rumoured to have moved closer, Singapore actually. Word is he might senak in across the border with Malaysia.

    His wife has managed a meet with Gen Prem, much to the annoyance of many. Pro-Taksin literature and flyers have been doing the rounds, especially in the north and east where many still see him as a hero and the army have made movements - and then changed their minds. And what's left of his party in Bangkok is planning to get a thronging mass of people to the airport to greet him, should he opt for the air route home.

    If he doesn't give up his passion for holding the keys to the till this could very well get ugly.

    More letters in the Post slating the new airport. It seems there's an almost fool proof way to get in the country un-noticed. Fly in from abroad on a flight that stops somewhere else in Thailand first and then goes on to Bangkok. The flight will land in Bangkok as a domestic flight and there is no facility for immigration control in the domestic part of the new airport. See letters page of Bangkok Post for more.

    According to Thai TV floods are all around us and chaos reigns. However, we've not had a drop of rain for a few days now, the sun is shining and it's bloody hot where we live. I guess we're one of the lucky ones. No flood, no rain.

    Daughter has friends here this afternoon so I have an afternoon of loud noise and madness. Should be fun.

    Political uncertainty, Thai floods and the new airport....



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