• Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Cycling through Thailand and ex-girlfriends

    I mentioned in a post some time ago now, on a brave and stupid day, that I was thinking of entering the London Marathon next year. Yes, well, er, no. Having given it serious and considered thought I've binned that madness, accepting that I would be able to finish it but not in a respectable time and I'm just not going to get the time to train sufficiently.

    However, now I have another plan. Possibly more ridiculous but more feasible. I've had this desire to cycle the length of Thialand for some time now and I'm going to make it a reality. I've been inspired by Lek and the guys at the elephant sanctuary I visited a few months back, here.

    These guys are currently looking for funding for flood defences. They have already raised something like US$60k but need about the same again. Having visited them and written a few articles here and here I decided that it would be a good idea to go ahead with the cycling mission and try to raise some funds and awareness for this VERY worthy cause.

    Anyone got any tips on long distance cycling? Cycling in Thailand. Thailand, north to south in less than two weeks. That's approx 2oookm and quite a few hills. Possible? Advice? All info and feedback much appreciated on this one.

    Quiet day with the daughter today. Went into town with the aim of taking her to the snake farm but she went cold on the idea when it came to it. Long story. We've had a snake problem in the garden.

    Relaxing having a coffee when an old girlfriend from many years ago spotted us. Normally she's working abroad, UN or something, but today she sat and had coffee and played with the daughter, who liked her very much and, in turn, just couldn't wait to tell mummy about her new friend. I aimed to tell her about it anyway but dear daughter pipped me to the post which has left a cold chill in the air this evening. Don't you love kids?

    Interesting Thailand blog here.

    Cycling through Thailand and ex-girlfriends



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