• Monday, October 23, 2006

    Bangkok Sky

    All weekend the weathermen, and women, have been predicting torrential rain and flooding for Bangkok today. Well, it's been a great day. Not too hot and a no sign of so much as a drop of the wet stuff. Though as I write there is the sound of buckets of rain hitting the concrete in some order. earlier on in the evening the skies looked like it was on the way.

    Fourth day back in Thailand and I'm not sick of it yet. Can't understand it. I was all keyed up to bail out and head somewhere else but having returned after a month's absence I'm feeling really mellow on this place. Nothing has pissed me off yet. This is strange. At this rate I'm going to be arguing for staying here! Maybe I need to give it more time. I'll see if I can say the same next week.

    Spent the afternoon in Lumphini Park with wife and daughter. Rowing a boat gently on the lake, feeding the fish, daughter playing in the playground etc. It's one of the nicest areas of Bangkok and well worth a visit if your in the area, even if just for a stroll for ten minutes. hard to believe it's Bangkok.

    Noticed in the shops that Hasbro have brought out a Thai edition of Monopoly. For some reason they've missd off some obvious placenames: Khao San Road, Patpong and Phuket to name but a few. I would have thought that Khao San Road would have been a sure thing but no.

    Bangkok Sky



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