• Friday, October 13, 2006

    Camcorders, phones and moving country

    I'm looking to get a new camcorder. I'd like to get the Sony HDR-HC1. It looks great, a real neat little pack of tricks but it's expensive and 'she who must be obeyed' would moan if I went home with near to a grand's worth of cam. I've got a Canon mini DV but something is wrong with it and trying to get it fixed meets with the usual response; cheaper to buy a new one. JVC do a range of neat little cams with hard-drives onboard. That seems like a great idea to me and they're a lot cheaper. Any opinion on this would be welcome. PLEASE!

    While I'm still in the UK where electrical items are cheap (er than Thailand) I might as well try and stock up on essentials. I'm in need of a new mobile phone. I'm using a Sony Ericsson V802 from Japan at the moment. I've had this longer than any other phone before. I generally stick with Ericsson because they're good. I've had this one for three years, or there abouts, and it's been kicked, dropped, wet, covered in dust, and generally treated with a total lack of respect and still it goes on. It's now tatty and starting to play-up.

    I'd like the Sony Ericsson K800i. Occasionallly they appear on Ebay but seem to be as hard to get hiold of rocking horse shit. Looks like a great little number.

    I've been asked about moving to Thailand on the message board and I've posted a few questions about moving to Cambodia on another board. Seems getting long term visas in Cambodia is a doddle and doing business there is much easier than in Thailand. Sounds good. Anyone got any stories of comments on this?

    Camcorders, phones and moving country


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