• Sunday, September 24, 2006


    After a long and tiring trip I'm now back in the UK, where I'm going be for a few weeks or so. Longhaul flights are tiring at the best of times. But worse with a day in a train at the end. Arrived at Manchester at 7am.

    Caught the train to Worecster, via Stoke and then Wolverhampton. Instead of changing at Stoke I slept and woke up in Watford. Then waited for a train to get me to Birmingham New Street, followed by a walk to Moor Street and a train to Worcester. Then it's in a taxi till about five miles out of worcester to pick up a car that's been left for me. So, comfortable in a nice Beama I have to drive nearly thrity miles into the wilds of Herefordshire, where I'll be for most of the next month.

    Several people have drawn a comparison between Thailand and the UK. Once popular leader who falls from popularity and becomes very unpopular. Despite this public loathing he still clutches on to power dogedly. Tony, are you listening?

    Not as warm as it was back in the summer but weather is good so far.

    Too tired to write now, I keep falling asleep.

    Later then



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