• Friday, September 22, 2006

    Shakey Normality

    Well it seems, on the surface, that all back to normal. There are still soldiers on the streets looking like they want to be somewhere else but other than it is business as usual.

    That said, the media is heavily controlled at the moment; no negative comments, no complaints, limited mention of Taksin etc etc. Protests and demnstrations have been made illegal and the constitution has been cancelled. All in the name of democracy we are assured.

    It's odd but seeing soldiers on the streets with heavy artillary and tanks is less threatening than the Thai police. Whenever I see Thai police I feel nervous but not the same for the army. These guys do convey a feeling of honour. Maybe this is not so, just the way I feel.

    There are talks of a group organising an illegal protest this evening, starting at Paragon at 6pm. Should be interesting to see if gets chance to get going and what the official response will be.

    Sadly I will be missing the fun as I have to get a flight out this evening. I'm going to miss all the goings on. On a serious note my wife and daughter will be here alone so I hope there is no violence. This is a worry and I think I will be back to get them if anything breaks out. I feel bad about it but no choice at the moment.

    Shakey Normality


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