• Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Health Issues

    Came back from summer in Europe two and a half weeks ago. Straight back into my daily gym routine with no problem. More energy than before, could run further and faster than before I left. It felt great and I felt really good.

    However, that has all changed. Since middle of last week, about a week and a half after returning I suddenly lost the ability to run. Can hardly manage a fast walk on the treadmill now. Weights are no problem but the running is out. Legs feel heavy and my breathing won't allow it. I don't smoke and hardly drink. My diet has probably changed slightly, maybe less carbs than in the UK but other than that the same - still vegetarian.

    The only other thing I could think of is the air. The gym I use is basic to say the least and is open to th elements and has no air or fan. Maybe the rancid air in Bangkok is just too much for my lungs. Maybe the time in the UK had cleaned my lungs out and now their suffering again. I don't know. Or maybe the mozzie coils I burn at home are polluting my lungs? Any suggestions?

    Hopefully researching a new article on the poor old Thai elephant this weekend. More later.

    Website at www.gretra.com is really starting to take shape now. Comments and feedback welcome, and positively begged for.

    Health Issues



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