• Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    I'm Hot!

    Your live weather report from Thailand: HOT! Sky is blue again. Air is humid and sticky and it's hot. Lovely downpour last night which cooled things for a while but now we're back to cooking temps.

    Saw an ad at one of the sky train stations. With the reputation that Thailand has I wonder why they would use such an ad. It seems to concur with the world's perception of Thai women. Still, it brings a smile to faces of commuters. She certainly is hot!

    A young Canadian girl representing the wonderful PETA staged a quiet protest yesterday outside the Silom branch of KFC. The idea was to bring public awareness to the plight of millions of chickens that are cruelly treated and tortured by that organisation. Unfortunately she is in the wrong country for that kind of thing. The locals seemed to think it was a bit of a laugh and most assumed it was a promotional gag by KFC. Basically Thais don't give a fuck about the treatment of animals and couldn't care how much they are tortured prior to making it to their plates.

    Parent/teacher conference for daughter this morning. The school wanted to know if there is a mother in daughter's life. She only talks about 'daddy' at school and shows no signs of having a mum. I guess this is the effects of having a mum that wants to work and have a career. There will be tears about this for sure.

    Thailand has continued it's proping up of the military regime in Burma by buying lots of gem stones from them to help them accumulate currency reserves. That's nice, I'm sure the average Joe on the street in Rangoon will be made up.

    The daily pounding at the gym calls. More later.

    I'm Hot!



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