• Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Tuk to the Road

    Congratulations to Ants and Jo the two intrepid pink tukkers! They've made their Bangkok to Brighton journey in Ting Tong the pink tuk-tuk. I had the great pleasure of meeting the two in Pak Chong, Thailand, in May, and going for a spin in their pink three-wheeler. The article about them is still on the Gretra site [ www.gretra.com ].

    They haven't reached their target of £50k so you might want to drop in a donation [ www.tuktotheroad.co.uk ]. Though, Jo did say she would be driving the length of Britain in Ting Tong and naked if they didn't reach their goal. Bring it on girls.

    The website has been doing some more evolving over at www.gretra.com. I haven't yet finalised the format and probably won't for a long time. Stay with it, it might be good. Hope to have some interesting articles and pics soon. Advice/suggestions all welcome.

    I might start doing a survey (relaxed and informal) of the dozens of websites that have sprouted over the years concerning Thailand. It seems that the English teaching fraternity here have modernised and many have diversified into web design and management and writing books about bar girls, pole dancers, street hookers etc. Shed loads of them on the local shelves and most along the same subject line.

    Rekindling my love affair with Tiger beer, one of the many good things to come out of Asia. Malaysian oddly enough but a cracking drink. Would touch Singha with a long stick.

    Tuk to the Road



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