• Thursday, September 07, 2006


    Aiming for Chiang Mai at the weekend. Tried to get a flight. First I got a good quote with Air Asia, which vanished before I got chance to book it.

    So next in line was 1 2 Go (from Orient Airways). Booked online, gave credit card details and then half an hour later got a mail saying that I should book another flight as that one was full. Checked on their website again and found that the flight was still there, but they weren't going to sell it. Managed a few heated emails back and forth and they refused to answer my questions, just kept telling me to book another flight. Be warned. I won't be trying this airline again.

    Bangkok Airways' website wouldn't work, or at least the booking page so that was not an option. So, after even more frustration I managed to, reluctantly, book a ticket with Thai Airways. The online booking procedure wouldn't work at first but after some groaning and moaning I managed to get my flight. Hoping to get a train back but I need to be their early.




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